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At Apex, we believe in the power of growth—for our company, our team, and every individual. As part of our family, you’ll find opportunities at every turn to expand your skills and advance your career, all while contributing to projects that influence global markets and communities. Join us to start your journey of personal and professional transformation in an environment that celebrates collective success.

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Our comprehensive benefits package is designed to meet the diverse needs of our employees around the globe. From health and wellness programs to flexible working arrangements and family support, we ensure our team members are well taken care of, both personally and professionally.


Career growth at Apex is not just a possibility—it’s a promise. We are dedicated to nurturing the professional paths of our employees with training, mentoring, and opportunities to take on challenging projects. Our goal is to help you reach your highest potential and to advance within the company as you grow.


At Apex, we’re committed to providing competitive compensation packages that appropriately reflect the market and the expertise of our employees. We strive to reward your hard work and dedication with salaries and bonuses that not only meet industry standards but exceed them wherever possible.


Building strong relationships is at the core of our business strategy. At Apex, you’ll connect with colleagues from various backgrounds and cultures, fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere that enhances team performance and individual satisfaction.

Our Culture

Apex prides itself on a culture of innovation, integrity, and inclusion. We encourage creativity and ideas from all corners of the company, supporting a dynamic work environment where everyone’s voice can be heard and can make a difference.

Our culture extends beyond traditional boundaries, emphasizing not just teamwork and productivity but also wellness and work-life balance. At Apex, we recognize that our employees’ well-being is fundamental to sustaining our innovative momentum. Therefore, we strive to maintain a supportive atmosphere that caters to the physical, emotional, and mental health of our team members. This holistic approach ensures that every employee not only thrives in their role but also feels genuinely connected to and supported by the Apex community. By nurturing this culture, we continue to build a resilient, motivated workforce that is equipped to meet challenges and seize opportunities.

Our Worldwide Diversity

At Apex, embracing diversity is not merely a strategic choice—it is central to our identity. With operations spanning multiple continents, our global presence brings a rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and ideas into our everyday operations. This diversity is our strength, providing us with unparalleled opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and learning.

We actively foster an inclusive environment where every voice is valued and every employee can contribute their unique insights. By integrating a wide range of cultural viewpoints, we generate more creative, comprehensive solutions that reflect the global markets we serve. This commitment to inclusivity not only enriches our workplace but also propels us toward groundbreaking innovations and superior service delivery.

Our approach goes beyond merely acknowledging differences; we leverage these differences as a critical resource for growth and leadership in the international arena. As we continue to expand our reach, we remain dedicated to enhancing our capabilities through diversity, ensuring that it remains at the heart of our success and evolution.

Our Values

At Apex, we are driven by a core set of values that are integral to the way we operate and interact both within our company and with the world at large. Our commitment to People, Relationships, Integrity, and Accountability is what sets us apart and guides our every decision.

  • People are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where all team members are encouraged to grow professionally and personally. By investing in our people, we ensure that every individual can contribute to their fullest potential.
  • Relationships are the foundation of our success. We cultivate strong, respectful partnerships across all levels of our business, believing that collaboration fuels innovation and achievement.
  • Integrity is non-negotiable at Apex. We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards, ensuring fairness and transparency in all our dealings. This commitment to honesty not only builds trust but also upholds our reputation as a reliable and principled leader in the industry.
  • Accountability reinforces our integrity. We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and their impact on our people, our clients, and the environment. This sense of duty is crucial in fostering a culture of trust and mutual respect, pushing us toward excellence in every project we undertake.

These values are not just ideals we strive for; they are practices we live by every day. They inspire us to achieve our mission and vision, guiding us in making a positive impact on our communities and the world.


At Apex, our people are our greatest asset. We’re dedicated to creating an environment where every employee feels valued, heard, and empowered. We invest in our employees through ongoing education and personal development programs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their role, has the opportunity to succeed.


At the heart of Apex’s success are the relationships we cultivate—with our clients, within our teams, and among our partners. We foster a collaborative environment where mutual respect and trust are paramount. By valuing these connections, we build stronger networks and achieve greater outcomes together.


Integrity is the cornerstone of all we do at Apex. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics in our interactions with our colleagues, partners, and customers. Our commitment to doing the right thing, even when it’s challenging, defines our corporate character and drives our continued success.


Accountability at Apex means taking responsibility for our actions and their outcomes. We empower our employees to own their projects and decisions, fostering a culture where every individual contributes to our collective goals. This responsibility is critical to maintaining trust and achieving excellence in all our endeavors.

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Ben jij klaar voor de afwisselende baan als Medewerker Expeditie bij ons dynamische team? Als jij een passie hebt voor het organiseren van de chaos en het laten draaien van de expeditieafdeling als een goed geoliede machine, dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou!

Junior Financial Controller

Financial administration
Supporting the Financial Controller and Manager Finance & Accounting in monitoring and controlling the organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Financial Administration

Financial administration
The Financial administrator oversees the day-to-day administrative activities of the company and ensures the company’s administrative function is organized, works efficient and registers accurately all information related to Accounting & Administration.

Operateur de ligne de production | Cuivrage / Chromage

L’opérateur de ligne de production doit effectuer des opérations de fabrication sur les cylindres selon les tolérances exigées dans le cahier des charges ou selon des cotes indiquées sur les gammes de production, tout en respectant les consignes de sécurité.

Printing Application Specialist

To guide customers through the correct advice on aniloxes for various applications like labels, wide web flexo, offset, and coatings to maximize print benefits and influence anilox sales.

Sales & Order Support Coordinator

Order Support
To support the external sales team, sales partners and customers from offering the quotes to final execution of orders, customer data management, claims tracking and overall administrative support for sales function.
United States

Lathe Operator

Apex International, the world’s largest Anilox manufacturer, is expanding its Donora, PA facility, so we are currently looking for additional Lathe Operators.

ICT Support Engineer

The ICT Support Engineer is responsible for the ICT support desk of AAP and as an when required to support any Apex site on IT infrastructure and consistently improve the ICT infrastructure for better IT services without any lag.

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